In the meditation and relaxation class last Thursday we looked into the topic of giving and receiving. Being able to give and receive with an open heart allows us to move with the flow of life.

As we went through the concept of giving and receiving we looked at the idea on a material level such as an exchange of gifts or money as well as the exchange of words, actions, thoughts, time, energy etc.

Being able to give and receive is an exchange of energy. For example when you purchase an item and receive the goods it serves your needs and requirements as well as the individual or organisation who is selling the item. In this case money represents the energy being exchanged.

When we are able to give and receive we open up to a sense of balance and harmony. But in order to experience balance and harmony the exchange of energy must come from a place of authenticity. For example when we give are we giving from a place of love, to make someone happy, a meaningful purpose or are we giving to seek approval, to be in control or because we have the expectation that they will give us what we gave them?

From my own experience I have given my time and energy to certain people without realising the expectations I’ve placed on that exchange of giving. When those expectations have not been met I have felt disappointed and upset. This in turn has drained my energy and has then stopped me from being so willing to give in the future. Being conscious of this though has allowed me to question myself and really find meaningful purpose in the act of giving.

During the class a common issue that many of us related to was the giving over and above only to be treated poorly and in some instances verbally or energetically attacked. In this case it is wise to protect yourself and question whether you really need to give so much? Also if you are receiving a negative energy from someone it is important that you take space and protect yourself. A useful technique that I have often spoken about is the golden bubble which is extremely useful to practice everyday to protect ourselves from the negative thoughts, feelings and emotions that others may project onto us.

Likewise receiving can also teach us many internal lessons. Sub-conciously our own self worth and self love can show up when we receive. A common example of this is in our ability  to accept compliments gracefully rather than deflecting them. For example if someone says you look nice today graciously saying thank you and accepting the compliment is a great way to receive. So often though we can defer the compliment and pass it off by saying on no I don’t.

When we subconciously stop ourselves from receiving we may also question the reason others are giving to us. Thoughts such as why are they giving this to me, what do they want from me may rise. This anxiety can feel unsettling therefore becoming quiet in the mind and letting go of the thoughts and instead being present to the wonderful feeling of receiving within an open heart will leave us feeling more open and receptive. A great affirmation we used to help in this situation is;

I am open to giving and receiving energy from a place of love and connection.

This affirmation can be practiced during meditation, as a sankalpa for relaxation or repeated through your mind anytime or anywhere.

To conclude be present to the quiet space of your heart when giving and receiving. As our hearts soften and open we find balance and harmony in all that we give and receive. Also remember that the process is a journey and sometimes our hearts may be open, wide and receptive and at other times they may close. However through the practice of yoga, meditation and self exploration you have all the tools you need to embark on life’s journey.

Wishing you well xxx

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