Yoga, Meditation and Self-Care Practices for the Heart

Jaina empowers women through the practice of yoga, meditation and self-care to cultivate a deep sense of self-love.

Self-love is the foundation for all love to grow from romantic love, to unconditional love and spiritual love.

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Soulful Sunday Morning Yoga Class

Join me every Sunday for a morning yoga class to rejuvenate the body, mind, heart and soul for the week ahead.


Yoga Sessions

Soulful Sunday Yoga

These classes are designed to provide you with a calm and safe space to unwind from your busy lifestyle and refill your cup with energy. This allows you to get back to your life feeling refreshed, relaxed and ready to embrace life.

FIRST CLASS FREE! | £15 for a Drop In Class | £120 for 10 Week Pass

Yoga Sessions

Private yoga classes take place in the comfort of your own home. The classes are for anyone who wants to invest more time and energy into their health and wellbeing, giving themselves a dedicated space to relax and learn. The sessions are bespoke tailored to suit your needs and requirements.

1 to 1 £70 per hour | 1 to 2 £80 per hour | 1 to 3 £90 per hour


Yoga Sessions

Pregnancy yoga is a great way to connect to your unborn child whilst also taking care of your body as it moves through the different stages of pregnancy. Suitable for women at any stage in their pregnancy, these classes provide a space to relax. The sessions also allow a safe environment to discuss your pregnancy and motherhood with other mums, releasing any fears and helping you prepare for your new arrival.



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About My Classes

I incorporate a mix of Hatha Yoga with flow. Each class starts with a warm up followed by carefully guided and instructed yoga poses. Throughout the session there are opportunities for hand-on adjustments and guided alignment. The use of specific breathing techniques is used throughout the session with a particular focus on the breath as we move into a guided meditation and relaxation.

Each of my sessions begins with the opportunity to discuss various subjects or questions that arise from the practice of yoga. This allows the student to gain greater understanding about yoga and the inner exploration of the Self. 

Connect With Yourself and Those Around You

My sessions are an opportunity to connect not just with yourself, but also those around you. I invite conversation, friendship and sharing. I want to build a safe and comforting community, providing you with the space you need to disconnect from your life and open your mind to a refreshing and rejuvenating experience.

Yoga can help you with any area of your life, providing an inherent truth to understanding and dealing with challenges and situations that you experience. It can help you find inner peace, happiness and contentment.

You have everything within yourself already and Yoga with Jaina will give you the tools to access that inner power and truth

Workshops, retreats and events



I offer a range of workshops and training courses to help you develop your yoga skills and discover your inner spirituality. From beginners introductions to multisensory meditation, I invite you to delve deeper into your yoga exploration and learn more about your mind, body and soul.



My yoga retreats offer a safe and relaxing environment for women to come together and practice yoga in beautiful surroundings. With a combination of yoga classes and workshops, mindful walks and guided meditations, these are a great opportunity to relax, unwind and reconnect with yourself.


I regularly host outdoor yoga sessions, one-day retreats and other events to energise and connect with likeminded yogis.


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My teaching style is designed to help bring a sense of calm and peace into people’s lives, taking them on a journey from feeling stressed and burdened, to enlightened and empowered.

I started practising yoga when I started experiencing health issues as a teenager, hoping to find a gentle release for my pain while also learning more about the practice that was such a significant part of my heritage. As my journey progressed, I found myself opening up more and more, learning about my heart, mind and soul and finding a true spiritual connection.

After practising for 10 years, I decided to complete a training course so that I could share the benefits that I had experienced with others, and began teaching in 2010.

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Is Yoga right for me?

Watching my students develop and take care of their wellbeing brings me huge satisfaction, and has given my life greater purpose and meaning. I love getting to know them and helping them to explore how yoga can help bring quiet, calm, empowerment and growth to their lives.

If you’re wondering if yoga is right for you, I urge you to give it a go and explore how this ancient form of exercise can transform and redefine your life, bringing you peace, serenity and enlightened power.