In ayurveda the sister subject to yoga it is highly advised to maintain a regular routine especially in the morning for greater health and wellbeing. A regular daily routine brings a sense of balance to the body as well as aiding digestion and assimilation. 

Also naturally from the moment we are born we are encouraged to develop a routine. We often see this with babies who over time fall into a natural pattern of sleeping, feeding, bathing etc. When the routine is disturbed they feel unsettled and likewise as we get older we can feel the same when change arises. 

Even at a Universal level there is a natural order; the sunrises and sets every day, there is a moon cycle and seasons change. Becoming more aware of these natural patterns and working with them is a very grounding and powerful process. For example during the winter time in my yoga practice I tend to become more inward and restorative and lean towards eating warm dishes such as soups. Whilst in the summer I turn to flow based sequences and I incorporate more salads and raw foods into my diet.  

So as we can see there is a sense of importance regarding routine as it brings a sense of balance and order. However sometimes our routine may be disturbed. For example we may be travelling or we may need to attend to other situations which takes us out of our routine. Therefore in order to manage those moments when we are thrown off balance here are five tips to help;

  1. Incorporate a yoga practice; you may be used to attending a regular yoga class or practicing yoga every morning however during times of change you may not get round to that class or that morning practice. Instead just find a quiet moment in the day to do a few stretches. Even if it means rolling down into a forward bend whilst your on a bathroom break! You can always find time to incorporate some yoga. 
  2. Be aware of your breath; connecting to your breath will bring you into the moment and will allow you to connect to yourself. Also working with deep breathing and long exhalations will help to release any uncertainty whilst you are in the midst of change. 
  3. Keep calm; we’ve all heard the phrase keep calm and carry on. I love this phrase because keeping calm is a strength and we cannot underestimate the power it gives you. 
  4. Be aware of your thoughts; a disturbed routine can create stress, anxiety and worry which can lead to a busy and chattering mind. Refrain from reacting to your thoughts and bring your mind to the present moment by focusing on your surroundings, your body and your breath. 
  5. Connect to yourself; as you can see the points above always bring us back to our self. Therefore during the midst of change try not to lose yourself. Stay connected and grounded to who you are and try not to be influenced by the energy of others. 

I hope the points above help and guide you through moments of change. Let me know how you get on and do you have any other tips to deal with shifts in your routine or any other moment that throw you off balance? Share your thoughts with me and the rest of the community in the comments below.

Much love,

Jaina x

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