I recently read an article about the anxieties of turning 30 for young women; Women you just can’t have it all by 30.

I’m 29 and approaching 30 soon. I feel that yes there are lots of things I haven’t achieved which I thought I should have by now. But there are also lots of things I have achieved which I hadn’t even expected to achieve!

There are many people who place heavy expectations on themselves to achieve things based on the average person in society. I was one of those people. I really thought that by the time I am 30 I would be in a settled career, earning a good salary, have my own house, married with two kids etc.

However through the practice of yoga and meditation I have learnt to let go of expectations; mine and anyone else’s expectations of me. As well as this I have learnt to embrace the present moment and to work towards finding true happiness.

Trying to achieve everything certainly does not make you feel happy in fact it makes you feel overwhelmed, unsatisfied and completely powerless.

I have learnt that happiness for me is finding a place within myself where I can accept myself for who I am in the present moment. This is achievable when I connect to my true self, my soul. With that connection I can then take the necessary steps towards external material achievements.

When I started to let go of striving for material objectives and focused on achieving soul growth I found my world started to change. I discovered greater meaning and purpose in teaching yoga as well as the ability and strength to develop my relationships in business, friendship and family.

This inner strength gives me a great foundation in life because when you feel connected to yourself you gain confidence in every decision you make. Then when you start making the best decisions in your day to day life you begin to create a life full of purpose, meaning and greater satisfaction.

So if you are feeling overwhelmed by heavy expectations I would suggest using yoga and meditation to gain full acceptance of yourself and your achievements. I would then encourage you to gain full faith and belief that your potential is far greater than the average societal norm of a 30 year old woman!

Good luck! 

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