I am in the mode of celebration… My sister got married last week and there are many close family members and friends’ birthdays this month including my own! 

As always what keeps me grounded and present through these highs is my yoga practice. When we are in the midst of fun, excitement, joy and celebration the phrase ‘oh that went so quickly’ can often appear. Obviously it is understandable that time almost becomes irrelevant and we just want the fun to continue! However if we are able to stay present to each moment with a sense of acceptance and gratitude it allows us to absorb the experience and treasure those moments of joy for years and years to come. It also makes it easier to return to our daily routine once again. 

Unfortunately we can’t make time stand still but we can make the most of our time here in this wonderful world. So as I start another year of my life I have been reflecting on what I have and haven’t achieved. I do feel some anxiety about getting older which is a natural human trait and there is a part of myself that feels like time is running out. I think we all naturally put this pressure on ourselves and there seems to be a societal expectation for you to have achieved x,y and z by the time you are x,y and z years old!

However I do think times are changing and it takes certain individuals to go down the road less traveled. This in turn inspires others to live life in empowering ways. Letting go of living your life in a certain way and to follow your heart is a scary process. But following our fears and moving through them will steer us in the direction of inner truth and happiness.

So if you are experiencing a struggle in your life I ask you to question what can you let go of in order to release the struggle? Letting go may be difficult, it may cause drama and discomfort but does the idea of letting go bring a sense of ease? If the answer is yes then let go and take that step. You may feel like you are giving up and if that is the case then perhaps it is worth asking if there is anything more you can do in the situation. If there is more you can do then perhaps you are not ready to let go. However if you have given all that you can and you are still struggling then perhaps it is time to surrender and move on.

Through the process of surrender thoughts and feelings of failure may arise and that is natural. So in turn recognise the quiet compassionate whispers of your heart that remind you that through failure comes success and this is just part of the journey. The next stage of your journey is beautiful, full of hope and faith and the final destination may not be clear yet. However the discovery of the unknown will bring about a sense of excitement and joy.

I hope my reflections are of interest and resonate with you. I wish you the strength to move down the road less traveled, to follow your heart and to find your inner true happiness.

I would love to hear from you… have you taken the steps to let go and surrender? In turn did it affect your life? If so let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

With love,

Jaina x

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