Sound Healing, Tarot, Self Love Facials and a Brown Girl Like Me

This year has been quite a challenging one and  my energy has felt quite depleted. So I decided to stop teaching yoga for now and instead use that time to explore new avenues to restore my energy. As you all know I love self care practices such as yoga, meditation, journaling, self massage etc. However sometimes we need a little extra help from the healing hand of others which is what I want to share in this blog today. 

I was fortunate to meet Devi through my sister Neelam. Devi is a Tarot reader and Clairevoyant. I have never really been interested in Tarot, psychics or clairvoyance and always believed I could create my own destiny/ future using the power of my mind. However through the course of events over the last year I realised that perhaps I needed to change my perspective and choose a new approach to creating my happiest and most fulfilling future. 

My perceptions of Tarot all changed when I met Devi. Devi is so down to earth with a beautiful smile. Also as a mum of a little one juggling all the different roles of life I felt like I could totally connect and relate to Devi. Also after a catch up at her party I realised she also has a love for live music and dancing. She is totally that gal pal you could dance the night away with 🙂  

Devi held the session in her home and the reading was just what I needed. The session gave me clarity about the new path I am on and what direction my future could take if I choose to move in that direction. Devi’s intuitional capabilities are astounding and she can really tap into the angelic guidance that your soul requires in order to live a life of truth and purpose. If you feel like your world has completely changed and you need clarity about your life and your future I would definitely encourage a session with Devi. I will definitely be booking further sessions with Devi especially to map out the upcoming new year!

I also decided to book myself in for a sound healing session with my close friend Anjna from Yoga for Serenity. Many of you may know Anj from  the workshops and events we have run together as yoga teachers. Anj is also a Reiki Master and Sound Healer. 

Anj conducts her sessions in her beautiful meditation room in her home. I remember the very first time I walked into her meditation room and healing space… I was completely silenced. The vibration of the space literally created mental and physical silence for me in an instant! I almost needed a moment to absorb the space before I could speak. I think this is also testament to Anj’s own meditation practice. Anj certainly vibrates at that higher frequency of love and serenity.

I’ve had a few Reiki sessions with Anj which have helped me to release energy blockages and the sessions have brought to light certain areas in my life which have needed some attention. Likewise the sound healing sessions have also worked at the same deep level. Both sessions have been deeply relaxing and releasing bringing a sense of lightness and ease afterwards.  It is often in the discussions with Anj at the end that can bring the most insight. Anj has a great way of using her skills to heighten your awareness so that you indirectly heal yourself! So if you are in need of a safe space you can trust which will bring you the deepest sense of peace Anj is definitely for you!

When you start to feel your body is carrying a load you know its time to get a massage! I usually go to the local Thai where you can trust you will get a good massage. But this time I felt like I needed something different, something that would work deeply physically, mentally and spiritually. When a friend recommended Suzanne to me I kept her in mind knowing that I wanted to experience a session with her soon. So I finally got round to it and I’m so glad I did! 

Suzane is an incredible masseuse who also offers Reiki and Sound Healing after your massage. Her home away from home is warm, comforting, grounding and safe. While  I rested on the massage table I really felt a sense of being at home, feeling safe and completely at ease as if I was with a friend. The massage was just what I needed with the perfect pressure and Suzane’s healing hands brought warmth and a sense of rest and ease that my body was craving. 

During the Reiki session I could literally feel heavy energies being drawn out of my body. This was followed by the sound healing which felt like this new light energy was being sealed up and protected ready for me to carry home. Being held in the session was everything and more especially for someone like me who is carrying everyone without having the opportunity to be carried or held by someone myself.  I booked a follow up session straight afterwards knowing that this is something I need to experience on a more regular basis! 

Finally I signed up to Soleful by Reena’s Facial Self Love online course which was bliss! Reena combines face yoga with Gua Sha to give your face the kind of self care I have never experienced before! 

I’m in my late 30’s so I’m very conscious and aware of changes to my face from blemishes, fine lines and the effects of having children and hormone changes etc. We live in a world where it is so easy to turn to our cosmetics and in some cases even cosmetic surgery. I want to grow old gracefully but at the same time I do fear those natural changes that occur as we age. So Reena’s approach felt so empowering. 

Also yoga has always made me take things back into my own hands so when using and applying Reena’s face yoga techniques it reminded me why I love yoga so much and how this age old practice is the tool we need to refer to for everything from wellbeing, spirituality, self care to beauty practices.

The five week course took place on Sunday evenings and it was the perfect way to end the weekend. Reena’s articulation of the movements were so clear and well instructed that it feels like no effort at all yet you walk away feeling like someone else has given you a facial! Reena also put together some great homework videos and her Instagram page is also definitely worth following for quick tips and follow along practices that can give you an insight into facial self care routines. Also I hear Reena maybe doing another online course in the new year so make sure you watch out for that! 

I couldn’t share all these beautiful practices with you without sharing one of my most loved practices which is to read and this is the most insightful, wise and truthful books I have read for a long time. Brown Girl Like Me by Jaspreet Kaur conveys some of the challenges brown girls face living and growing up in England. Jaspreet explores topics such as mental health amongst brown girls and women. As well as the struggle of intergenerational trauma and the opportunity to heal ourselves and a community as a whole to create a greater world for the future generation. She also covers that, common dilemma, of all that body hair and our role beyond that of marriage and kids which is often the path that is subconsciously offered to us before anything else. 

I cannot tell you how powerful, deep and wise this book is and I could really relate to Jaspreet Kaur’s words. Specifically her use of the word Brown. I know I am a brown girl but I have never fully owned my brown skin and I think it is something I want to own, learn, explore and share more. Something I took away from the book are brown girl voices need to be heard more and that has really motivated me to keep blogging. Especially this blog which shares so many amazing brown women who have amazing talents that are healing and changing the world! Also isn’t it amazing how they are all changing the world from within their own home. 

I cannot be more proud to be a brown girl brought up in Britain who shares this space with some amazing brown women. My hope is that we can all unite in some way and hold each other up and let our collective light shine. We are at a wonderful turning point where we can be seen, heard, valued and recognised if we can be brave enough to listen to our inner voice and walk the path of the unknown. This as a mum of two girls feels paramount and it’s the path our ancestors dreamt for us. 

If you have read this blog all the way through I can imagine that like me you are on the path to make changes. These are changes that our girls of the future, whether that’s our daughters, nieces, friends, or other children around us need. Sending you all courage, strength and love as you walk your path and may you walk that path serving yourself first knowing that the Universe will take care of the rest. 

Please find below the contact details for everyone I have mentioned in the blog. I would also be so grateful if you can share this blog with your friends, family, mum, sister, daughter and any woman who walks this path of empowerment and enlightenment.

Lots of love,

Jaina x

P.s. This is me with my fresh face after the self love facial course 🙂


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