What to Wear to a Yoga Class | Yoga with Jaina | Neelam Personal Stylist


In this video I am joined by Neelam who is a Personal Stylist and we will be talking about what to wear… and not wear to a yoga class.

Deciding what to wear to a yoga class can often be quite tricky especially if you are new to yoga.

Yoga clothing needs to…
* Work well so that you can be flexible, retain your modesty and move your body comfortably.
* It needs to regulate to your body’s temperature as you may get hot during the dynamic part of your practice while you might feel cooler in the relaxation session.
* Feel good so that you can relax and enjoy your yoga practice.

In the video we discussed the following items…

Toe Socks
Leg Warmers
Flared Leggings
Cycling Shorts
No VPL Underwear
Sports Bra
Vest Tops
Long Sleeve Tops
Zip-Up Tops

Let us know in the comments below what you like to wear to a yoga class. Also take a picture of yourself, share it on Insta and tag us! We would love to see what you are wearing to your next yoga class.

Thanks for watching!

Jaina and Neelam



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