Yes it is that time of year when the weather gets so cold that it’s just biting! I am one of those people who really struggles to deal with the cold weather and there are times when my circulation completely shuts down and I can no longer feel my fingers and toes! In order to deal with the cold weather I once again turn to my yoga practice for some comfort and here are some tips which will help you deal with the weather too!

Incorporate a daily yoga practice into your morning and/or evening routine.

Moving the body helps to circulate your blood thus generating heat to keep you warm. Therefore practicing yoga asanas will help to physically warm you up.

Practice a good warm up including a joint warm up.

In the winter it is vital to warm up the joints within the body before you go into your yoga practice. This allows you to open the muscles to prevent injury. I’ve just recently uploaded a video on ‘How to Warm up Before a Yoga Practice’ which is my favourite way to open up the joints in my body. ..

Work on Flowing Sequences such as the Sun Salutation

If you have the energy for a stronger practice then work on the sun salutation which encourages circulation and strengthens the immune system so you can prevent colds and flu.

If you are Low in Energy Work on a Restorative Yoga Practice

If you get struck by a cold or the flu you may not want to move your body at all. Therefore I suggest working on a slow restorative practice followed by at least 20 minutes of Yoga Nidra (relaxation) to encourage the body and mind to relax and heal. Include poses such as seated or lying down twists, forward bends and grounded mat based stretches. This will allow you to feel supported as you draw energy from the earth.

Practice Pranayama (Breathing Exercises)

This will keep your airways clear and help to avoid the build-up of mucous. The Ujayi breath and Nadi Shodana are useful breathing exercises to practice in the winter.

Stay Grounded

If you do get caught by a cold or flu the best thing to do is to stay indoors and rest. Your home has a grounded energy which helps to nourish you especially during times when you are not feeling well.

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