As we go into the New Year it is often the opportunity to start something new therefore I wanted to help you find something new within your home yoga practice. Here are my top five tips on finding new and fun experiences within your yoga practice….

  1. Practice a posture or breathing technique which you have not practiced before. 

I teach a variety of different postures and techniques in my classes which you can easily incorporate into your home practice. If you have not been to one of my classes in a while then what are you waiting for…..come and join me  You can find full details here Public Yoga Classes

  1. Take a picture or video of yourself practicing yoga and share it on social media. 

This is a great way to spread the message of yoga to the world and you can also share it with me on my social media platforms… FacebookTwitter or Instagram!

  1. Practice yoga in front of the mirror

You can watch yourself and correct your alignment if you need to.

  1. Change it up!

If you practice your postures and techniques in one particular order then I suggest you change it up! There is nothing more mundane then doing the same routine day after day. For inspiration be sure to attend a regular group class.

  1. Incorporate yoga into your day to day activities

Find one way each day to incorporate the lessons of yoga into your day to day life. For example if you are waiting in a queue use the opportunity to watch your breath and mentally count ‘Inhaling one, exhaling one, inhaling two, exhaling two’ etc. Being mindful of your breath will allow you to be present and connected to the moment without getting lost into the chattering monkey mind.

I hope that helps you to bring some variety into your practice for 2016!


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