A Special Announcement

We’re having another baby!

We’re expecting baby number two who will be arriving in January and I’m currently 22 weeks pregnant. It’s such an honour and a blessing to be able to nurture another child into the world. The journey has been fairly smooth and given the quarantine and lockdown situation it gave me the opportunity to really ground my energy, stay at home and take care of myself during the pregnancy.

Going through the journey for the second time has given me greater confidence in teaching pregnancy yoga and my class continues to run online on Saturday mornings. I’m also really looking forward to sharing more about my experiences. With both my pregnancies the role of being a mum began way before I even got pregnant. Through the power of intuition which I’ve developed over many years of practising yoga and meditation I was able to connect with the soul of each of my children and I had visions of their souls as entities of light and energy. On an intuitive level I felt the call to become a parent. I’m sure many couples can relate to this and at some point in your marriage/relationship you feel that desire to make a family.

This may sound strange but even before having Vanaya I often questioned the need to have children. Do I really want to have children? Why do I want to have kids? Does the human race need to keep evolving? Also with the state of the planet and the effects of climate change are we as human beings destroying the earth and if we are what will life be like for future generations?! There were some heavy thoughts going through my mind! I came to the conclusion that as someone who cares for the planet it will be so valuable to have children to teach them to care for the planet too. In fact the world needs to see more parents nurturing their children to take better care for the world. At the same time if for any reason we couldn’t conceive I would find it within myself to be at peace knowing that this too can be for the greater good of the world.

On another note in order to care for the Earth we need to know how to take care of ourselves. I’ve been blessed with the path of yoga and though I have no desire to force my children to take the same path I’m aware that the work I do on myself indirectly influences them. In fact the deep inner work I’ve done has also helped me to move through ancestral patterns and karma which is still work in progress. But this paves a clearer path for my children to live their life to their own unique potential without operating from an unconscious level of patterning.

Having children is demanding and brings a lot of change so I really needed to feel a deep connection and understanding as to why I should become a parent. I realised having children is a role and responsibility that has a deep power and I was also fortunate to be in a relationship with a loving, committed partner where together we could provide the foundation for our children to thrive. As I look to the future I also know that the path of yoga will eventually ask of me (either in this life or another) to let go of all material possessions including my family in order for the soul to evolve through to Samadhi. Some of you may be aware of this concept and perhaps I will share more on this subject in another blog.

However in the meantime as I look to 2021 with the arrival of the baby I do feel anxious and nervous about being a mum of two. I often ask myself will I lose myself or will it bring me closer to my Self? But it is with the greatest intention that I set myself the opportunity to raise children whilst staying connected to myself, my truth, my purpose and path. Finally I also very much look forward to experiencing a new kind of love that comes with the birth of a child.

The journey of life continues and I look forward to sharing pregnancy, life, yoga and more with you all.

Much love,

Jaina x

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