On Wednesday I turned 30 and it felt like I had hit quite a milestone. As I look back at my life a lot has happened and there are still a lot of things I would like to achieve. I never thought that I would be a yoga teacher running my own business and I always thought I would have got married way before 30.

However after spending over two years building up my business getting married this year certainly feels just right! So I think everything happens at the right time and I guess we always have to remember there is a bigger plan for us which I like to call the Divine Plan!

In the bible there is a saying – ‘Let Thy Will Be Done’ and I do believe that sometimes we have to let go of controlling and steering our lives so that we can in fact be guided. When we allow ourselves to be guided by tapping into our higher self through meditation we can start creating a life which is more purposeful and meaningful and often the life we build is something far beyond our greatest expectations.

So when it comes round to your birthday it’s always important to celebrate it and appreciate your life. Your life is like a gift from God who has given us this opportunity to grow and develop our souls. We’re here to learn about happiness and joy and often it can be a hard lesson to learn. So celebrate your life; your achievements as well as your failures because whatever you have been through in life has a reason and a purpose. And trust the Divine is looking down on you celebrating with you too!

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