Cut that Cord

Recently I’ve been learning a lot about energetic cords of attachment which we can place on each other. These cords of attachment then show up in our body through discomfort, ill health or even disease. For example if we feel pangs of envy or jealousy for someone this may show up in the heart centre as tight shoulders, difficulty breathing or a chesty cough. Or if we feel a burning sense of anger or rage this may be held in the belly and lead to digestive issues or even inflammation.

Likewise someone may place a cord of attachment on us if they hold certain emotions, feelings or expectations of us. We have to remember though that if someone places a cord of attachment on us it does not mean they are to blame for the manifestation of the cord in our body. Whatever we are going through physically, mentally or emotionally is our own karmic reaction which in turn has lessons that we can to learn from.

So how can we release these cords or ‘cut’ the cord so to speak? I’ve personally found it helpful to meditate on the cord by visualising the person and visualising the cord. This visual often brings a sense of tightness in the body. I then see myself cutting the cord. At the same time I use my breath especially the exhalation to breathe the heaviness and tightness out to relax and release the body. I do this as many times as I need to until I visually see the person walking away. As they walk away I send them Divine love and light knowing that in our purity we are a soul, we are love and light and in our pure essence we mean know harm to each other. I then come back into my body and into my feet to ground my energy. This is an important step. If we don’t ground our energy after the emotional work it can leave us feeling depleted and disconnected. 

Working on these cords of attachments can help to heal our body and heal the relationships in our lives. If you think you have cords of attachments that need to be cut then I would encourage you to meditate on them. If you have not meditated before then please seek the advice of a professional meditation teacher before carrying out this exercise. 

Does the above resonate or relate to you? Do you feel the cord of attachment manifesting in your body or your life? Have you worked on cutting the cord? If so how does it make you feel? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below.

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