I have come to that blessed point in life where I can refer to myself as a Dvihrdaya, one having two hearts and two souls…

I am very pleased to announce that I am pregnant and will be expecting my first child in September. 

It is the most sacred journey that I have been on so far in my life and at times it has been magical and miraculous. As always the inner journey is where I learn the most and my yoga and meditation practice has been even more special as it creates the time and space for me to connect and develop a relationship with my unborn child. 

As I have mentioned in my classes I will be continuing to teach up until August. Thereafter I have some amazing teachers  who will be covering my classes as I go on maternity leave. 

I am also pleased to announce that I am currently working on an exciting project where I will be hosting an Enlightened Pregnancy and Parenthood Coursealongside renowned Indian yoga teacher Vandana Trivedi founder of Yogvan.

This unique workshop is for couples looking to conceive, pregnant women and their partners as well as new parents. It uses Eastern traditional knowledge along with Western modern science to enhance the holistic health of the mother and the baby in the womb and beyond.

If this is of interest please be sure to save the following dates;  Thursday 12th July at 7 to 9pm, Friday 13th July at 7 to 9pm and Saturday 14th July at 10am to 5pm. Do also forward these details to anyone you know who may find it of interest. 

Me and my honey dew melon (the size of the baby at present  look forward to seeing you in a class, workshop or event soon. 

Jaina x

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