Energetic Beings, Social Distancing & Bumble Bee Backpacks

The last few weeks and months for me have been really special. I think my soul has craved for time at home where I could focus on my family, my work and myself. Obviously I am fully aware that this time in our lives hasn’t been so special for everyone and I think we will all have our own opinions, thoughts and experiences. This blog post is not to disrespect anyone’s feelings it is simply a platform where I want to share myself and my story to create connection and perhaps to inspire too. If you connect with this post please do share it with others and feel free to share your experiences in the comments below.

This week in my class and on Instagram I explained how grounded I feel within by body, mind and entire being. Spending time at home and in nature for an extended period of time has positively affected my energy. The other day I went to the shops and I felt my energy become disturbed and I could feel a sense of exhaustion similar to how I used to feel before lockdown. This allowed me to understand how much more energised I have felt over the last few weeks.

Also over this period I have maintained my daily meditation practice, I have been practicing yoga and journaling often as well as doing a number of other self-care practices. That’s not to say that I haven’t indulged on food, watched too much TV or scrolled through social media for far too long! I’m not perfect but I try my best and I definitely do have the motivation to work on myself in this manner. Like I have said many times before I feel that this is my work and purpose in life.

So in doing the work over the last few months it has opened up some new realisations and a deeper understanding to life. Whilst living in the comfort of our bubble at home and going for walks with Vanaya who always brings me so much joy (especially when she wears that cute bumble bee backpack 🙂 I am also fully aware of the virus, its impact and the lost lives. Even though I was aware that life can be taken away so quickly I suddenly realised that at the end of our lives we have to let everything go… everything! Including our possessions, our home, our loved one’s and our own body.

Therefore understanding that everything we are experiencing is temporary allows space for a sense of detachment. Upon reflection detachment feels almost more loving and kind rather than attachment. Detachment gives space and in that space we can breathe, reflect and become aware. This is where social distancing comes in and how important it is to give each other space. I’m sure you have all experienced a moment when you have felt someone come a bit too close and cross your personal space. So keeping that two metre distance is a great way to preserve our energetic fields. It also obviously serves to keep us all safe from the virus too.

So as the rules relax and more people start to venture out doors I have felt a sense of anxiety. I almost want to preserve the space and comfort of my bubble. At the same time I’m aware that the economy needs to revive itself and we need to ‘get on’ with our lives. I have no desire to return to how things were and I hope to find a new normal. I’m not entirely sure what that will look like but I know that this experience has changed me at a deep inner level and life will not be the same again. In fact it’s going to be a whole lot better!

Sending you and your loved ones lots of love,

Jaina x

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