I’ve just returned from a ten day trip to India and each time I go to India I feel I have a sense of inner growth and discovery about life. India is a spiritual place and can touch people who are in tune with their spiritual side even if you are not going for a specific spiritual experience.
This time the main reason for my trip was to go shopping for my wedding (British Indians often go to India to buy outfits and other things for a family wedding) and to enjoy a final family holiday before I get married in September.
India is a busy pace and there is always so much to experience. During my trip I was captivated by each moment. I was fully aware and living in the present. There is no time or opportunity to think of anything else because if you blink you might miss something!
Along with the lesson of present awareness you cannot visit India without feeling a deep sense of gratitude. India is full of poverty and hardship that you can only be grateful for all that you have. And in the midst of organising a wedding the lesson of gratitude feels even more pivotal for me!
So if you are thinking of going to India whether its for material or spiritual purposes you will certainly come back with deeper more meaningful insights. And if your on the yoga path I would certainly recommend a trip to India. Its nice to visit retreats, ashrams and yoga studios in India but for a true grounded experience just visit India and be in the moment and soak up its energy and life. You’ll come back with great lessons and understanding on life especially when you take the time to reflect on your experience.

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