Last Wednesday evening in my meditation and relaxation class we explored the process of using the power of meditation and visualisation to help us create our dreams and goals for 2016. The process involved becoming clear about what you want in your life and releasing heavy emotions, thoughts and feelings around what we want.

Sometimes our thoughts and feelings can hold us back. Therefore the process of meditation allows you to become aware of your inner thoughts, feelings and limited beliefs. Becoming aware of ourselves at a deeper level can be challenging as you start to see yourself from a different perspective. However once you become aware you can clear through the emotions which hold us back to pursue the things you would like to achieve.

This process also works on developing your inner strength as it takes courage to overcome feelings of fear, self doubt, anger, negativity etc which can sit within us at a subtle unconscious level. To become aware of these feelings means we need to step into the dark. During times when I have experienced this the quote below by Albert Pike made great sense…

‘We must pass through the darkness, to reach the light.’ ~ Albert Pike

If you feel that you are on that journey of becoming clear about your future and clearing out old thoughts and habits then remember you are not alone and with the practice of yoga and meditation you can do it!

To learn more about this please join me at my next meditation and relaxation workshop where this month we will explore the power of affirmations to overcome limiting beliefs and fears which hold us back. Allowing us to move forward to achieve our dreams and desires. You can book your space here

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