This time last week I was in the South of Spain enjoying beautiful sunny weather, marvelling at the natural beauty of mountains and lakes whilst being surrounded with wonderful friends! Coming back home to London after a holiday is never easy! That’s why I wanted to find ways to overcome the feeling of loss and longing for the good times of the past and find ways to lift my spirits!

1. Breathe

Taking a few deep breaths in through the nose and exhaling fully through the mouth can help to release and let go of stagnant emotions or thoughts. Focussing on your breath also gently brings your attention into the present moment rather than allowing your mind to wonder back to the past.

 2. Practice Yoga

Getting on your yoga mat and doing a few stretches or better yet a full blown yoga practice can really help to open your body and release blocked energy. It is also a great way to reenergise yourself after a busy holiday or a long flight so that you are ready to go back to work.

 3. Spend Time with Friends and Family

There are certain people in your life that you get along with, whom you have a certain level of understanding with and being around them can help raise your spirits. I call these relationships Divine relationships because it is almost as if you have a soul connection. When you are feeling a bit low it is always good to be around those people who are good for you, who bring you a sense of comfort and love.

 4. Practice Gratitude

When I feel a bit down I practice a gratitude meditation. I sit down and bring to mind all that I am grateful for and I mentally say thank you. If you struggle to do this whilst meditating you can also write down a list of everything that you are grateful for. This list can be endless… you can be grateful for the running water you receive, the bed you slept on, the food you eat, your family, your friends etc. When you bring to mind all the wonderful things you have in your life it can raise your energy leaving you feeling a lot happier!

 5. Learn the Art of Acceptance

Everything changes, nothing is permanent. When we can embrace this concept and learn to observe the ride of life things become easier. So next time you feel a little bit low observe the feeling, know that it is just a feeling, just a sensation and it will pass.

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