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Yoga in Watford

In yoga there are lots of references to the Moon. For example Chandra Namaskar is a sequence of poses which taps into the feminine energy of the moon, with fluid movements and long holds to develop strength. You can watch and practice the sequence here.

Or you can use Nadi Shodana (alternate nostril breathing) to balance out the left cool side of the body, which is represented by the moon, with the right warm side of the body, which is represented by the sun. So I’ve always known that the moon has an impact on us whether that is within the body or felt through our emotions and feelings. 

Last year I decided I wanted to learn more about the moon having come across Kirsty Gallagher. Kirsty describes herself as a Lunar Guide and Spiritual Mentor. I bought Kirsty’s books Lunar Living and The Lunar Living Journal.

Yoga in Watford

Lunar Living describes the energies around the new moon period and the full moon period in each of the zodiac signs. We can then learn how that energy may be impacting us. The new moon period is when the moon is completely hidden in the sky so there is no moonlight. This is the darkest period. It is at this point where we can start to set intentions for what we need to create and action as the moon starts to wax and grow bigger in the sky.

When we reach the full moon, the light is at its brightest and the moon will then start to wane. As the moon wanes the light is getting darker and this is a time for inner reflection and retrospection on all that you actioned and created in the first half of the cycle. 

The Lunar Living Journal then gives you journal prompts for the new moon and the full moon. This has really helped me to align myself with the energy of the moon which then works powerfully to move through emotions, feelings, thoughts and ideas during different points of the cycle.  The journal also gives you guidance on setting intentions for what you want to create. Alongside this you can then set actions to take during the waxing moon to move closer to your dreams and desires. 

I started reading these books and following the journal prompts last year at the start of the astrological new year which is March, Aries season. This year the start of the astrological new year was just last week on the 20th March which is also the Spring Equinox. So if you are thinking about following the moon too it is a great time to start now. The Spring Equinox brings such a beautiful active energy to really take hold of the year ahead and create the life that you really want for yourself. 

Alongside Kirsty Gallagher’s work I have also been watching AnandaShree Astrology. AnandaShree shares videos each new moon and full moon and she shares her insights through Vedic Astrology. I find her insights really useful, deep and spiritual. You can watch her latest video about the Lunar Eclipse which will be taking place on March 25th 2024. This is also the day of the Indian Holi festival of colour and the celebration of spring. This is truly a powerful time of the year and with it also being eclipse season it really is a great time for soul evolution.

I have really enjoyed following the moon over the last year because it has given me so much clarity around navigating my emotions and feelings. I have particularly picked up on this concept of delving into your emotions and really understanding what they are showing you. I think this is especially useful for myself as a woman who has so many emotions and feelings. I sometimes find it overwhelming and hard to navigate through them.

But when I do move through them by journaling, coupled with moving my body through asana, I find clarity and understanding and that truly feels empowering. It also gives me the opportunity to shine a light of awareness on my feelings instead of suppressing them and not knowing what to do with them. I now value my feelings and emotions and can take space to address them which has been so comforting. 

Do you have a lot of feelings and emotions? If so you might want to explore this subject and start following the moon too. I highly recommend buying both of Kirsty’s books as Lunar Living gives you a full description as well as specific affirmations and crystals that can be used during each moon. While the Journal will really help you to work through things deeply at a personal level. 

Let me know if you decide to follow the moon this astrological new year. I hope that it brings you the same insights, clarity and empowerment that I have experienced and so much more!

Lots of love,


P.S. A big thank you to my good friend Neesha who gifted me the beautiful artwork that I have used in the blog title header.

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