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This is the first track from my CD Guided Meditations with Jaina. 

The series of visualisations lead you to a place of inner strength and calm. Each track works on stimulating the seven energy centres within the body, to bring a sense of release and freedom.

To gain the most benefits from the guided meditations it is best practiced in a seated position on the floor. However the audio can also be listened to whilst in a relaxation posture or alternatively put it on your ipod and carry with you where ever you go! This will allow you to tap into your inner calm whilst commuting to work, stuck in traffic or at those moments in time when you need to listen to something that will get you through your day!

You can purchase the full CD below and with Christmas just around the corner it will be a great present to share with your family and friends!

The Audio CD is £5.99 (+ £1.99 postage and packaging) or you can purchase the Mp3 Download for just £4.99.

Happy listening!

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