Last week was Organic Week and you may have seen my social media posts where I shared some of the organic products I like to use. If you missed the posts you can also find them at the end of this article. I didn’t realise how many organic products I already use as I always thought that I should be using more natural products! However I have realised in order to ‘go organic’ you must take it slowly, explore what is out there and trust what you feel is healthy and right for you and the environment.

Sharing my posts last week also inspired me to look for other alternative organic products which was really fun. I even went to a local Farmer’s Market to see what I could find. Organic products can often be slightly more expensive however I think this represents the quality of the ingredients used and if things do get too expensive the next even better alternative is to grow and make your own food/products!

So if you are thinking of going organic I would advise you to have fun in exploring a healthier way to live. Also when you are taking care of your body and taking care of the environment you are practicing yoga as a way of life! Please leave me a comment below on your thoughts about going organic or feel free to share some of your favourite organic products!

I’ve recently started to buy more organic products as it feels right and it feels good! Being able to trust what you are putting into your body is part of my yoga practice. If products are kept in their natural and pure form this can only help to cleanse my body, mind and soul to allow me to keep growing in this journey to inner peace and joy! So as it is organic week I wanted to share one of my favourite organic products at the moment…. coconut oil! You can use this in all sorts of receipes and you can even use it as part of your beauty regime! Coconut oil is a great moisturiser for your skin and going organic means it smells beautiful too! Also Biona is a great brand for all things organic!

Day 2 of #organicweek and I absolutely love and recommend Dr Bonner’s Magic Soap which is made with organic oils. It smells lovely, the texture is great and because it is highly concentrated you only have to use a small amount so it lasts aaages! Its also not too expensive… in fact I just bought two bottles from Panacea and got the bar of soap free! You can also buy small minis for your travels!

Day 3 of #organicweek I admit I have a sweet tooth especially when it comes to chocolate! In fact I think most people or at least most women find chocolate to be quite comforting! In order to keep it healthy try organic raw chocolate which is made from cacao and has a higher nutrient value and is a source of magnesium. It also helps to overcome tiredness and fatigue! These are a couple of my suggestions chocolate agave syrup and cacao nibs which you can add to your smoothie (I suggest a small dose) and the Ombar which is a great one to eat while on the go to give you energy! But before you get too excited about thinking chocolate is healthy please remember to keep it in moderation 

Day 4 of #organicweek and I have been inspired this week to use more natural and organic products therefore I have treated myself to Aubrey Chia Defining Mousse. The mousse claims to reduce frizz, enhance shine and add definition and control to curly or coarse hair whilst being free of parabens, petrochemicals, artificial colours, fragrances and silicone. As you know I have curly/ wavy hair and it can be a nightmare to control and tame! For many years I have explored different types of mousse, hair gels and curling creams and as it is organic week and organic month I’ll try out this mousse which I just purchased from the online organic beauty boutique Lucy Rose. I’ll let you know how I get on with it!

Day 5 of #organicweek and you have to try organic loose leaf tea! I don’t drink coffee and find that herbal and organic teas are a great alternative pick me up! I’ve previuosly spoken about the brand Lov Organic Tea (available in the UK) and here is another great brand called David’s Tea. Unfortunately it is only available in Canada and the US (luckily I have family in Canada who ship it over!) The packaging is simple and its really easy to look through the ingredients (which are all natural!) It smells and tastes amazing and I usually drink a cup after lunch or dinner as this blend is a great digestive aid. So if you manage to take a trip across the Atlantic be sure to check out one of David’s tea shops!

Day 6 of ?#?organicweek? and today I went to a Farmer’s Market in Radlett as this is a great way to find organic products which are local! I came across a company called Evolve who make organic beauty products in their own studio in Hertfordshire. Freya the sales lady even invited me down to the studio to see how the products are made! This will be a great way to really see what goes into the products! I’ll try out the products and let you know how I get on  Day 7 of ?#?organicweek? and the best way to consume natural food/products is to grow it yourself! Ok so I admit that I didn’t grow these apples and pears but my mother in law did and a lot of my family grow tomatoes, carrots, potatoes etc in their garden so I do get my helping of freshly grown food! Also that is my mint plant in the background which is always handy for a fresh mint tea! My garden is in the process of being relandscaped so hopefully next year I will get the chance to get my hands dirty to grow a few of my own fruits and vegetables…if all else fails I can always buy organic produce from the supermarket 

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