In my meditation and relaxation class on Wednesday we explored the subject of how to deal with a difficult situation and how meditation and relaxation can help. If you missed the session here are some of my notes;

We live in a world of duality where as human beings we will inevitably always experiences ups and downs. The difference is how we approach the ups and downs. For example we could either approach the situation with anger and frustration which only leads to stress, ill health and overall unhappiness. Or we can approach the situation with a sense of love and compassion.

Through the practice of love and compassion we can learn to accept the situation which can give us a greater sense of understanding. Not only accepting the situation but taking responsibility and being accountable for the situation can also help us to deal with it from a place of strength.

When we understand the laws of karma (that for every action there is a reaction) we can then accept that the ‘difficult situation’ is here for a reason. Often these situations can teach us lessons which allow us to learn more about ourselves.

So how does meditation and relaxation help? It helps you to become more calm and peaceful within yourself so that when a difficult situation occurs you are more likely to approach the situation from that place of calmness and peace.

When we start to connect to our inner calm and peace we can move into a place of equilibrium. Therefore when we go through the highs in life we don’t get overly excited and when the lows come we don’t get overly down and depressed. Residing in this place of equilibrium brings us harmony and peace.

Finally the answers to difficult situations are always found within yourself. So overtime as you practice yoga and meditation you will become more in tune with your intuition and  inner voice which is always there to guide you especially through more difficult times.

Sending you love and light. Xx

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