Getting onto the yoga mat every day is not easy especially those days when the alarm goes off and I wish I could just sleep a little bit longer. Most people wake up to an alarm to go to work so that they can earn money. Whereas being a yoga teacher means waking up to my alarm and stepping onto my yoga mat to do ‘soul work’. I don’t directly get paid for it but I know that it is an investment which reaps great rewards in many different areas of my life.

My overall health and wellness is an extension of my yoga practice and I strive to eat well and to look out for healthy practices whether it is buying organic food or following ayurvedic techniques to enhance my inner and outer beauty. However I have struggled to justify the cost of things. Organic food can sometimes be double the price of non- organic food and spending money on yoga classes/courses, going for a massage or buying supplements all adds up leaving me feeling a bit broke. Also if I get really personal here I’ll admit it has left me unable to even pay my basic living bills and costs!

In light of this I then started to cut down on spending on myself at all! I felt that I can live with the bare minimum and I can survive. In hindsight I was practically living like a monk (which isn’t a bad thing but I’m just not ready to be a monk yet!) I was eating simple foods and staying at home knowing that this will help me to pay my bills and save money. However I soon got bored of this as I enjoy being out and about and engaging my mind in new activities. I’m also a foodie and I love to go to new and exciting restaurants and trying new recipes. Plus I love to experience new ways of practicing yoga and being healthy.

Spending money on myself in this way felt like a luxury especially when you have been living like a monk  However through this journey I have learnt that doing things to enhance my health and wellness is in fact not a luxury it is a necessity. Making myself healthier and happier is no bad thing! In fact we all need to take up healthier practices because it not only helps us but it serves the world too. If you feel healthy and happy you will have more positive energy to spend with your friends and family. Also healthy approaches to life such as buying organic food are better for the environment. These healthier practices usually cost more because more thought, energy and awareness has gone into the product or service.

So how can we spend money on ourselves without breaking the bank? Here are five tips and techniques that I use;

1.       Look out for deals and offers. On an energetic level when you buy something which is ‘on offer’ it makes you feel good and anything to make you feel good is worthwhile!

2.       When you purchase something that will enhance your health rather than seeing it as an expense remind yourself that this is an investment in yourself and the world. You can even use the following affirmation when you are purchasing something… ‘I am grateful for this opportunity to invest in my health.’

3.       Become intuitive and notice how the product/ service that you would like to purchase makes you feel when you think about it? If you feel happy, light, excited or anything similar to that it probably means that it is a worthwhile healthy investment. If you feel tight, constricted, scared or anything similar it probably means that this investment is not for you.

4.       Look out for ways you can make things at home for example I recently bought some shea butter as I am going to make my own body cream which will be organic and natural. Other examples include growing your own fruits and vegetables.

5.       Start including a budget each month for health and wellness or simply put aside some savings each month that will go towards spending on yourself. Just like paying bills out of your salary is a necessity likewise paying into your health and wellness savings is just as important.

Finally you can’t put a price tag on your health because the value of your health is priceless. If you lost your health tomorrow you would kick yourself for not investing and valuing its worth beforehand. 

Do you have any other tips that you can share with me and the community? I would really appreciate your feedback as I am always looking for ways to manage my money whilst spending wisely on myself.

On that note be sure to snap up these two great deals and offers below which I guarantee will make you feel good!

Much love,

Jaina x

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