In my meditation and relaxation class on Wednesday we talked about how to overcome stress and anxiety. There are many different ways to deal with stress and anxiety and the ideas I share with you here are based from my own personal experience of how I deal with stress and anxiety within my own life.

Stress is a form of energy which we carry within our mind and our body and stress can create many health problems from physical aches and pains to mental illnesses such as depression. Therefore it is important to find a way to release stress at a physical level and a mental level. I would advise finding a way to release stress on a daily basis in order to maintain greater health and wellbeing.

A great physical way of releasing stress is to exercises whether that is through the practice of yoga postures and sequences or other means such as walking, running, dancing, going to the gym etc. Exercise helps to circulate the blood as well move energy around the body encouraging stress to be released at a physical level. Doing just 20 minutes of physical exercise on a daily basis can make a massive difference to how you feel as well as how you look as stress can also be ageing.

Release writing and meditation is a great way to let go of stress and anxiety at a mental level. Release writing is a form of journaling where you write down all your thoughts. Often our mind can be like a washing machine with thoughts whirling around all the time… even at night! When we have a hundred conscious thoughts going through our mind this can then affect our subconscious mind. This then shows up in disturbing ways such as unsettled sleep, dreams (or even nightmares) etc. Therefore release writing allows us to unload our thoughts and to move into a space of peace.

Finally the practice of meditation techniques help us to separate ourselves from our thoughts so that we can observe the thoughts without reacting to them. Often anxiety happens because we are thinking about all these thoughts and trying to react to them which can then become a mental battle.

I hope that you can start to implement some of these strategies into your life in order to move into a space of peace where you feel and look healthy and well. Also let me know your thoughts as well as any techniques you use to overcome stress and anxiety. Finally please do share this blog with anyone you know who may be interested in the topic too.

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