At the meditation and relaxation class on Wednesday evening we looked at the subject of anger. As I explore this subject in this blog I firstly want to ask you do you get angry? If you do get angry how does it make you feel? Take a moment to think about this and how anger rises for you on a physical level in the body and at an emotional level in the heart. 

From my own experience of dealing with anger I have learnt that anger is a form of energy. It can be triggered by certain people or situations and I believe that certain people or situations come into our lives to trigger anger within us. This then gives us the opportunity to feel what anger is, to learn to release it and to transform it into a more positive and productive energy.

Take a moment to think about this idea of transforming anger. If anger is an energy which we can transform what is the highest energy we can transform it into? You may have heard of the saying ‘there is a fine line between love and hate’ and the equal and opposite energy of anger is love. Anger is a strong fiery energy and it can be transformed into love with the same strength and passion too.

In heated moments where anger rises you can work with the following steps to release anger and transform it into love…

Step 1 – Stop, pause, and recognise that you feel angry
Step 2 – Close your eyes (if you are driving or need to keep your eyes open then obviously skip this step.)
Step 3 – Take three deep breaths in and out which releases the energy of anger.
Step 4 – Resolve to move forward in a calm manner

Now I know the above sounds obvious and you have probably come across this before but how often have you put it into action? It can be quite challenging to do this especially when we react quickly in moments of anger. However this technique takes practice so the next time you get angry see it as an opportunity to transform the anger into love.

Perhaps you have used the above situation many times yet you are still holding onto ongoing anger which feels deep seated. If that is the case then I highly advise finding various methods which work on releasing energy (remember anger is energy). Obviously my first suggestion will be yoga because the yoga poses allow energy to move through and out of the body. Secondly meditation allows us to move beyond the angry thoughts. When we can find a sense of peace within our mind this is then reflected in our lives and we stop attracting situations that make us feel angry.

As well as yoga and meditation I also highly recommend anything else that releases energy such as journaling, exercising or being in nature which is very healing. Further techniques such as Reiki are also very beneficial for transforming energy.

I would love to hear from you so let me know how anger affects you and whether you use any other techniques to release anger.

Please also share this article with anyone whom may benefit from this information.

With love,

Jaina x

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