In this month’s meditation and relaxation class we looked into the topic of trusting ourselves. In our day to day lives we are constantly making decisions from small everyday decisions to large life changing decisions

We are inundated with choices which can overwhelm us and impact our decisions. For example when you go shopping you may simply want to purchase some apples but you have to choose from a variety of brands; apples from England or apples from South Africa, what colour to choose; red apples, green apples or pink apples and whether to go for the brand value or the higher priced apple etc, etc.

If you have the time to spare then looking around, reading labels and really getting to understand the products that you are purchasing can be really worthwhile. However often we are time limited and we need to make a decision quickly. Sometimes even big decisions need to be made quickly. For example I am in the process of looking for a house to buy and I know that if I like something I have to move quickly. If I don’t I could risk losing out over the purchase.

Making decisions especially when we have so much choice can leave us feeling stressed out… if we choose to be stressed. So how can we avoid the stress of decision making?

In order to understand this I want to share an example from my life where I realised that stress was a choice and I could either choose the stress to deplete me of my energy or I could choose to trust myself, my decisions and the greater universe as a whole.

Last year before we went travelling we had a lot to do and organise before we left including selling our flat and finishing off work. I felt stressed out and it took a few weeks into our travels to feel relaxed and present. On reflection I don’t know why I stressed myself out as everything happened as it needed to and things all worked out well. If only I trusted myself and trusted the process with faith that everything would work out just fine. I now understand that no matter how much is going in on in my life I don’t need to make things feel even heavier by being stressed out. I may have a lot on my plate but with a sense of trust I know I can manage the situation.

In order to make decisions easier we need to trust ourselves. So how can we learn to trust ourselves? In our group discussion on Wednesday we learnt that letting go of fear, being confident in our decisions and not relying on other people’s approval all help us to trust our own decisions.

Also through the practice of yoga we learn more about ourselves. When we know who we are it makes decision making easier. For example I am a vegetarian and I believe strongly in the values of being a vegetarian, therefore this influences my decisions on what I eat and where I eat.

Yoga also allows us to be in touch with our bodies. When you need to make a decision, get quiet in your mind and sense how you feel physically about the decision. If the body tightens then its a sign that the situation is not right for you. However if you feel light and open it probably means that the particular situation is just what you need.

Alongside yoga, meditation allows us the opportunity to slow down the mind, to become more aware of our thoughts and to release the anxious, chattering thoughts which do not serve us and instead to wake up and listen to the more intuitive thoughts that provide guidance. When moving from a place of inner trust we need to listen to that guidance and our intuition.

Whilst relaxation gives us the opportunity to release and let go of the stress and anxiety of decision making as well as move into a space of compassion and forgiveness for any decisions we made that perhaps were not quite ‘right’ for us…. although all decisions are the right decisions and relaxation gives us the opportunity to accept our decisions. Through acceptance we can practice self love and when we can love ourselves it becomes easier to trust ourselves too.

Let me know your thoughts on this topic. How do you trust yourself? Is it something that comes naturally to you? Or do you find it difficult to trust and make decisions?

The next meditation class in on Thursday 22nd February at 7.30 – 9pm at the Niland Conference Centre.

I look forward to seeing you then.

Jaina x

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