As I have said many times yoga is a way of life. You can practice yoga when you’re eating, sleeping, talking, socialising, working or whatever else you might be doing. You can even incorporate the practice of yoga when you are getting dressed in the morning!

Your wardrobe is a reflection of your personality and character. Therefore it allows us the opportunity to be creative and express ourselves. Expression is a great way to release energy and for those who know anything about Chakras (the seven energy centres located in the spine) you will know how important it is for our health and well being to express ourselves!

The Chakras also show us how important colours are within the body and in our aura. Each colour has its own vibrational energy therefore depending on what colour clothes you wear this can affect your energetic being. For example if someone wears a red dress they may appear strong, secure and confident, these are qualities of the root chakra energy which is located at the base of the spine.  So even if a person is not strong, secure or confident and they have a weak root chakra they can still project that positive energy into the world just by wearing the red dress. This allows themselves to strengthen their root chakra.

Clothes also create first impressions. For example if you want someone else to think you are a serious businesswoman/ man you have to think that highly of yourself first. Therefore wearing a smart suit may allow us to feel smart and confident. Once we feel more confident we can think more confidently. How we feel and how we think of ourselves as well as others also affects our energetic body because our feelings and thoughts are energy.

So have fun with your clothes and allow your thoughts and your feelings to be expressed in your attire because they will indirectly affect your overall health and well being!

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