Your heart is the centre of pure feeling and I think one of the most important tools as a human being is our ability to feel. In order to follow our heart though, we may need to battle with the logical mind i.e what makes sense on paper may not feel quite right in our heart. So how do we deal with this conflict?

It is at this point when we need to build trust and faith within ourselves to stand our ground and follow through with our feelings. It isn’t an easy path to follow but honoring your heart can start to encourage you to experience the pure feelings of the heart centre which includes happiness, love, joy and eternal bliss.

So here are a few steps to encourage you to follow your heart…

1.       Meditate

Meditation will allow you to develop your awareness so that you are more in tune with your feelings.

2.       Don’t over think

Let go of procrastinating and dwelling on your thoughts. This just creates clutter in your mind which forms a block between you are your heart.

3.       Learn to feel

Embrace all your feelings whether they are positive or negative. So often we avoid negative feelings such as sadness or grief and when we avoid negative feelings it also causes us to avoid feeling the more positive feelings too.

4.       Surrender

Let go of trying to take control and embrace the natural flow of life.

What may seem impossible can now start to become very possible!

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