My 5 Favourite Yoga Wear Brands

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Many of my students have been asking me where to get good quality yoga clothing. So I wanted to share 5 brands that have been my go to recently…

1. Sweaty Betty

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I’ve actually shopped at Sweaty Betty for many years and they are probably the leading brand in the UK for yoga wear.

They have a good range of items and their leggings come in various leg lengths. They also have a leggings and bra quiz which gives you personalised recommendations which is really useful.

They have stores across London and a great website for ordering online. If you sign up to their website you can receive 15% off. You can also sign up to their free loyalty programme to get some added extra offers.

2. Oysho

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I have recently started to wear Oysho clothes and they feel really comfortable, soft and breathable.

Oysho is a Spanish brand and it has a very simplistic and stylish feel. For this reason I think their colour choice is quite limited and neutral. Also they don’t use any patterned material. However they have some items with great details such as this t-shirt.

They have stores in the two London Westfield shopping centres and you can purchase online. If you sign up to their newsletter you will receive 10% off.

3. Adanola

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Adanola is another great simple neutral brand that offers great quality. What I love about them is their buttery soft leggings and I have to admit they are probably my favourite leggings of all!

Unfortunately I can’t say the same about their long sleeved tops which felt a bit too skin tight and restrictive.

I do like their mission though which is to create a lifestyle brand for everybody’s, everyday uniform. Therefore their items work well for athleisure and can be combined to do your errands as well as do a workout.

They are an online store only however they are stocked in Selfridges and Harrods. If you sign up to their newsletter you can receive 10% off and they also have a rewards club programme.

4. Gymshark

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Gymshark have the most amazing and vast range of items on their website. So be warned that you could end up spending a long time on their site if you want to see their full range!

I’ve really like Gymshark’s legging and bra sets and they have good colour choices. Their long sleeved tops are also really comfortable and breathable.

Gymshark are a British company but they have a worldwide audience and they have a flagship store on Regent Street. If you sign up to their newsletter you can receive 10% off.

5. Marks & Spencer

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I can’t believe I’ve got Marks & Spencer on my list. But honestly they have such a great range of go to items such as their vest tops and t-shirts.

When browsing take a look at their Goodmove brand. This is price efficient and as a high street brand it’s really quick to go and pick up an item from their store.  

I hope that helps you for when you need to add to your yoga wear collection. Let me know or tag me in a photo if you make any good purchases!

Finally if you haven’t already take a look at my video What to Wear to a Yoga Class which will give you some guidance on what to look for when shopping for yoga wear.

For more professional guidance you can also contact my sister Neelam who is a personal stylist. Neelam helps women to navigate through their personal style to feel empowered and confident.

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