New Year Goals, Intentions and Pyjama Days

Inevitably with the start of the new year come new health intentions and goals. I’m no different as I did indulge over Christmas. That coupled with post baby weight gain I have felt the need to get fit! However I went on a power walk the other day whilst pushing the puschair around the streets of Chesham only to pick up a cold and then spend five days trying to recover. Also my middle of the night yoga practice has disappeared as Vanaya is now sleeping through the night (that’s no bad thing) and on the nights she does wake up I may wonder onto my yoga mat for a stretch but it’s more of a restorative gentle stretch than a hardcore practice. 

Also I am always keen to eat healthy home cooked meals even more so now as I am breast feeding. And obviously just as I benefit from these meals Vanaya does too. Therefore I do feel the underlying pressure that I can put on myself in order to give Vanaya the best nutrients as well as the best in life. However when you’re breast feeding and looking after your baby all day there are some days when you don’t even have the chance to pour yourself a drink let alone cook a full meal!

As I think about my health intentions and goals it really varies from day to day and at this point in my life goal setting can feel overwhelming. Also our lives are so full that it is hard to keep up and when you can’t keep up with it all you can feel like a failure. So instead I choose to take the pressure off myself. If I can get a yoga practice in the day its great, if not that’s ok too. If I can eat a healthy meal full of fresh veggies, fab but if I’m resorting to an oven meal it’s not the end of the world! 

Rather than trying so hard I want to go with the natural flow of life and I want to listen to that inner voice of compassion that is cheering me on and telling me how amazing I am whether I have stayed in my pj’s all day or whether I’ve ticked everything off my to do list and then some. I want to recognise and accept that every day is different and I’d like to stop and see how much I achieve each day instead of what I haven’t achieved. So here’s to 2019 the year of compassion, acceptance and more pyjama days! 

How is the start of 2019 going for you? Have you stuck to your goals or let them go? Let me know your thoughts I would love to hear from you. 

Jaina x

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