The other day I had an argument with one of my neighbours about street parking. Now if you know me you will know I’m all about love thy neighbor etc etc. And after I had the argument with my neighbor over something which is so trivial I felt terrible! As a practicing yogini who preaches about being calm and strong I felt as though I had not come very far on my yoga path at all! However I used this episode to learn some very valuable lessons. Firstly I am only human so if an emotion such as anger or irritation rises it is only natural. But rather than reacting to that anger a better way to handle the situation would have been to stop, breathe and to mentally tell myself to be calm. This would then give me the head space to clarify my thoughts on how to deal with the situation. Now this is easier said than done! It takes time and practice. So each time I have a conflict with someone rather than reacting to the situation I now use it as an opportunity to practice yoga! When I look back on what happened I realise how funny it is! What caused myself and my neighbor to get angry was so trivial that all you can do is look at it and just laugh at yourself. There is no point taking life so seriously. Mistakes happen. We can learn, grow, forgive and continue to move into a happier place rather than beating ourselves up! So next time you find yourself doing something you wished you hadn’t take a look at the drama… its God’s play and we don’t need to take life so seriously instead laugh at yourself and trust that you are loved and everything is ok 

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