Teaching yoga and running my business keeps my mind engaged in a healthy and productive way. Whether I am interacting with students, writing, making videos or putting together content for social media I actively surround myself with positive and useful information. However what I put into my mind is also affected by my surroundings. I find that everywhere I go somewhere or something is grabbing my attention. From scrolling through articles online or being drawn into an advert on a passing bus. There is information everywhere… literally everywhere; I used a public loo the other day and there was even an advert on the back of the door trying to grab my attention!

I decided I needed some space from this information overload! Over the summer many of my clients were away on holiday and I closed all my classes for a week. I also took the opportunity to take some time and space away from social media which is a significant part of my business.

During this period I spent more time in my personal yoga practice and in particular my meditation. This consciously allowed my mind space and in turn I literally felt a sense of space coming into my body. This made me feel open, flexible and alive! I also spent more time writing and journaling as I find this therapeutic and I cooked healthier meals which made me feel energised.

By retreating in this way and taking space my mind wasn’t being distracted and I became more aware of inner realisations and thoughts which were guiding me. I even became more receptive to the hidden messages within my dreams which was extremely insightful!

Previously I have been on silent retreats which has the same affect however since getting married I find it hard to leave my husband to go on a retreat (I just miss him too much!) However we both managed to escape for a few days and went to Snowden in Wales which was stunning. The fresh air and the scenic views really gave my mind and body the space that I needed.

I share this experience with you because I feel that taking the time to retreat gave me the space to recognise myself. I realised the heavy expectations I place on myself and others causes unnecessary pressure and stress. Letting go of expectations allows your heart to be open to give and giving without expectation is the greatest expression of love.

I also learnt to change myself on an energetic level. That dropping into the comfort of the energy of sadness, guilt, unworthiness, hatred or any other negative state does not serve me and only causes suffering. By shifting into an energetic state of love and acceptance life becomes worth living and you realise how short life is and every moment counts.

Understanding these realisations about myself allowed me to become peaceful with who I am and to connect to a place of truth, wisdom and love. Love that is so deep that it not only encompasses myself but all those around me including those who have upset or hurt me.

If I had I not taken space I would not have been able to understand these deeper realisations. Instead my mind would have still been absorbed and entertained by other external stimulants.

This time to retreat has been such a blessing for me that I am continuing the journey so if for any reason you are unable to contact me or I become quiet online and on social media you’ll know that I am retreating 

If you are looking for the opportunity to retreat but you can’t physically go away on a retreat then here are six tips to help you to retreat within your own day to day life…

  1. Find time every day to switch off your phone, tablet, laptop and any other devices.
  2. Practice yoga
  3. Meditate
  4. Write and journal about your inner thoughts and feelings.
  5. Read a book that is inspiring and uplifting
  6. Take some time to be in nature

How do you take the time to retreat? Is there something in particular which you enjoy doing that gives your mind space and time to connect to your deeper self? I would love to hear your experiences so please do leave your thoughts in the comments below.

With love,


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