Each month when a woman is menstruating she can alter her yoga practice to aid her whilst the body is going through its natural detox. When you work in alignment with your body’s rhythm you will feel an overall sense of balance and ease.

Every woman’s experience during her period is different. Some may experience physical pain such as lower back ache, cramps, tightness in the legs or other physical discomforts. As well as this women may suffer from the burden of carrying heavy emotions and feelings which may lead to mood swings.

Some women may prefer a forward bend to gently press the abdomen area to soothe cramps, whereas other women may prefer a gentle back bend to open the abdomen and create space. Therefore it is each woman’s responsibility to take care of herself in a way that she feels is right for her.

In order to help you explore and adapt your yoga practice during this time here are a few things to keep in mind;

Enjoy a Restorative Yoga Practice

In order to deal with the suffering that may arise each month it is advisable that a woman takes the time to rest, relax and preserve her energy. This will allow the body the time and space to go through whatever it needs to, without expelling energy out into other tasks.

Therefore I would encourage the practice of shavasana (corpse pose) complete relaxation. Some light restorative stretches will also help to open and relax the body such as diamond pose, flapping fish pose, crocodile pose etc. In addition to this I would also advise the use of support during your yoga practice such as using a bolster to passively open the body.

Refrain from Inversions

Each month the body works hard to release toxins and there is a natural down flow of energy in the body called Apana. This energy aids the excretion of toxins through menstruation as well urination, defecation, ejaculation, child birth etc therefore refraining from strong inversions will assist the Apana current.

Observe your Emotions

During this time our emotions can become more volatile and unstable. For those who have practised releasing your emotions with me then this is the perfect time to practice, as our body is already in the phase of releasing.

If you can, allow yourself some time for solitude and inner reflection. This will give you the personal private space you need to address your feelings rather than reacting to them in the wrong way.

Our emotions become more intense during this time because they want to be released! So make the time, space and intention to let them go. You will feel much more open, free, cleansed and clear!

Honour this Space and Time

Lastly rather than being burdened by your period embrace this time to take care of yourself. Enjoy a healthy diet of fresh fruits and vegetables, take the time to rest or take part in more restful activities such as going for a walk, being in nature or just staying in and reading a book or watching a movie!

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