Recently in class we have been working on balance postures and in order to help you, here are a few things to remember….

Find your Centre of Gravity

In a normal standing position we naturally find our centre of gravity in order to stand upright. Therefore it is wise to consciously find your centre when balancing. When you are in tune with your centre physically and mentally it will give you the strength to stand still.

If balancing on one foot try not to place your weight too far back on the heels or too far forward on the toes as inevitably you will lose your balance. Instead distribute your weight evenly across the foot to balance.

Gaze at a Point in Front of You

When our eyes move they take in information which causes mental chatter and movement in the mind. Therefore when balancing keep the eyes still and fix your gaze at a point in front of you.

Some people tend to look at a point on the floor or towards the edge of the ceiling however this may cause a strain in the neck therefore I would advise you to look at a point within your eye line.

Keep Grounded

Standing balances can be quite strong therefore work with more grounded balances first to develop your strength. A few examples include Tiger Stretch and Balanced Boat pose which will also work your core and will help in your standing balance.

When working with a standing balance insure that the foot on the floor is grounded especially the big toe. If the foot is fidgeting, this will create instability and will cause you to fall out of your balance. Also keep your standing leg strong and lightly squeeze into your gluteal muscles to encourage stability.

Keep Calm and Quiet

Whilst balancing it is important to keep calm and quiet within the mind. If you are thinking of other things whilst balancing this will create mental noise and movement in the mind which will then be reflected in the body.

Instead concentrate on developing stillness in the mind which can be encouraged by focusing on a point in front of you.

Work with an Affirmation

In order to help the mind focus an affirmation can be helpful. A useful one to use whilst balancing is; ‘I am calm and balanced.’ Mentally repeat this in your mind as this will set the right intention and energy for you to hold your balance.

Be Confident

Even if you are a complete beginner at balance set the intention that you can balance. Displaying confidence will give you mental strength to support you in your balance.

Release your Fears

If you are new to yoga balancing can be a scary prospect. You may think that you may fall and hurt or embarrass yourself. In order to overcome the fears keep practicing! If you fall down pick yourself up and do it again. With determination and time you will certainly overcome your fears!


Lastly meditate! Meditate regularly and deeply! Being able to balance comes from your mind and meditation can help you to develop the mental strength to balance.

For those who are advanced in their meditation practice I would encourage you to focus on the Third Eye in your meditation. This is the centre of concentration and when you have the ability to concentrate you will be able to balance!

Over time you may even be able to hold a balance with the eyes closed and the awareness at the Third Eye. This is a useful prerequisite to meditation as the concentration involved in balance is similar to meditating.

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