We are all striving to succeed in life whether it is to improve our own lives or the lives of others. For some the drive to succeed is stronger, with a clear worthwhile purpose and that strength comes from a deep place within. In order to understand the deeper part of our self it is important to connect to our own body, mind and soul.

Through my personal experience I have learnt that taking care of your body, through physical forms such as yoga and taking care of your mind, through meditation allow you to feel more connected to your soul. When you feel connected to your soul you have a greater understanding of yourself, your potential and your purpose in life which gives you a deep sense of true happiness.

In order to achieve success in life whether you are a teacher, doctor, lawyer, builder or mechanic there is one thing that will help you and that is good health. We often take our health for granted and only when we fall ill do we realise that without our health we can’t fulfil our goals and dreams.

Therefore it is important, and in fact vital, for your greater success to take care of your body. Whether it is a couple of hours at the gym, a few laps of swimming or a yoga class, taking part in a regular exercise routine along with a healthy diet will help you to feel fit and well so you have the energy and physical strength to undertake all the activities in your daily life.

Your mind like your body is another tool which needs to be taken care of in order to allow you to think to your highest potential. Every thought and decision you make in your business or career will lead you to success or failure. Therefore practicing meditation is like exercising the mind and a regular practice will develop your mental strength and stamina.

Meditation works on clearing out your thoughts and creating a space of silence and peace within your mind. The practice of meditation techniques will help to remove thoughts which create clutter or a cloudy mind such as irrelevant mental chatter, worry and anxiety. This will leave the mind in a state of peace which is just one aspect of your higher self/ your soul.

If you develop a regular practice of meditation you will strengthen this relationship to your higher self/ your soul. Over time this will become more noticeable as you start to become more responsive to your intuition and guided thoughts which are now more able to be heard over the chattering mind!

This will then allow you to start living a life of genuine truth, happiness and success in your business, career, relationships and all other areas of your life!

This article was featured in the Grit Blog on the Women Empowered Website. 

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