Last Saturday saw the first One Day Women’s retreat organised by myself, Karupa Patel and Neesha Radia.

The day started with the welcome and registration where all the ladies were offered teas, coffees and some home baked cookies. Once everyone had grabbed their refreshments we all took a seat by the fire in the lounge to begin our introduction and ice breakers.  This gave everyone the opportunity to get to know each other all within the warmth of the Farmhouse.

We then headed over to the Barn where Karupa kicked off the first yoga class of the day which was… to say the least… an energising and strengthening class! Although there were a few people huffing and puffing, I could see everyone smiling as they relished the opportunity to stretch and open their bodies in ways they thought were unimaginable!

After a much needed break Neesha began her dance performance. We all sat in amazement as she graced the floor with her footwork. Only later in the workshop did we all realise the strength required to be able to move in such a graceful and feminine way. Her class soon led everyone into the depths of conversation about Kathak and its connections with Yoga and Spirituality.

This led us into further conversations over a home cooked lunch by Anjna and Kina. The lunch was healthy, wholesome and gave us plenty of energy to get ready for the afternoon.

After lunch Karupa took those who wanted to on a country walk to get some fresh air whilst I stayed back and led a writing activity. This was later followed by a restorative class which I led and gave everyone the opportunity to wind down and relax.

Finally we all came back to the Farmhouse for the Inspire and Connect session. This was a really special time to allow everyone to share their thoughts about yoga, spirituality as well as time to reflect on the day.

The feedback from the retreat has been really positive. The space was empowering, genuine and open. We are certainly looking to the future and hope that you can join us for the next retreat!

‘Thanks for such a great day, it was perfect! It was a very valuable and inspiring way to spend a day. Your generosity showed well in the way it was organised, I felt that we were so well looked after – with all the refreshments – amazing homemade food, drinks, the venue (which felt like being in somebody’s welcoming country home), the programme… It was amazing. 

Your friends and family are such great people too, everything/everybody helped make it so pleasant. 

As for the programme, it also worked out impeccable. To be honest, when I saw that a whole hour was given for registration (in the morning), my first thought was that it was a bit too generous or even time-wasting but it turned out to be a very good way to start the day in such a relaxing and friendly manner, sitting by the fire with amazing breakfast and chatting to people. Thanks again and looking forward to the next retreat!’ ~ Leila Nurmetova

‘I had a fabulous time participating in all the activities and meeting all the wonderful ladies. Looking forward to the next one!’ ~ Cathy Milner

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