In my meditation and relaxation class on Wednesday we explored the idea of using affirmations to overcome limiting beliefs and fears. When we start to use affirmations we can overcome a sense of stagnancy to open ourselves up to creating our dreams and aspirations.

Affirmations are sentences that include positive words, which when repeated several times can change the way we think or perceive things. I would advise the use of affirmations during your meditation, as this creates a space for deep focus and concentration. When we focus and concentrate fully on the words being spoken they have an effect on our body and the brain.

Often when I repeat a positive affirmation in my meditation, it allows me the time to practice focusing intently on one thing. It also brings about a deep sense of stillness within the body and the mind.

I suggest repeating affirmations loudly to begin with and then to speak the words quietly until you are whispering the affirmation. After whispering the affirmation for a few rounds mentally repeat the words within your mind.  Repeating the words loudly will affect your conscious mind and then as you mentally repeat the words this will affect your sub conscious mind, allowing the words to resonate at a deeper level within you.

As well as during meditation a great time to use affirmations is first thing in the morning when you wake up and last thing at night when you go to sleep. When you first wake up allow your first thought to be the affirmation, likewise when you close your eyes to go to sleep allow the affirmation to be your last thought at night. This will have a profound effect on you at a deep subconscious level.

The affirmation we used on Wednesday was ….

‘I am courageous, brave and ready to move into a place of love and acceptance.’

This affirmation when repeated can allow us to believe within ourselves. Often we carry limited beliefs and fears about our self which stops us from achieving the things we want within our life.

All human beings have fears and it is natural to have fear. Fears are not a bad thing and they can sometimes help us out of sticky situations. For example if you are walking down the street at night and you hear something behind you, your gut reaction might say ‘You’re in trouble, someone is following you and you need to get away!’ This might cause us to walk a little faster or to run and to move out of the situation as quickly as possible. Fear therefore can save you in some circumstances!

However sometimes we may react to fear in ways which do not serve us. The reason we react to fear in this way is because we want to avoid some of our deeper emotions, feelings and issues which may be hard to confront. For example someone may avoid being in a relationship with someone and put it down to he/she is not X, Y or Z when in fact they may just have a fear of commitment. Therefore they try to avoid being in the relationship even though it is the one thing which they truly desire.

Once you recognize and become aware of your fears then you have the opportunity to make small steps in order to overcome the fear. For example you can start to repeat the above affirmation in order to believe within yourself and to develop a sense of strength and courage to move through your fears and into a place of love.

We all have the potential and the choice to be brave and courageous and to overcome our fears.  Therefore I ask you today to make that choice and to choose the path of being your own hero. No one else can do this for you because this is your journey. Trust within the journey and know that there is something far greater than we can ever imagine awaiting ahead. Not only will this improve your life but also those around you as well as the world as a whole.

I wish you well on your journey and please do let me know your thoughts in the comments below. Also be sure to share this article with others to help them on their journey too and sign up to my newsletter for more inspiring and useful information 


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