As someone who practices yoga, which means union, I felt ready to learn the lessons which come from the union of marriage. On Friday 5th September 2014 I made the big step into married life.

It was by far the most amazing and happiest experience of my life. Our wedding included a series of events from a registry wedding, an Indian wedding and a reception party. Organising the wedding was a journey of team work and hard work! It also gave us the opportunity to creatively express our personalities.

With our greatest intentions we wanted to celebrate our relationship and to feel a sense of love. Not only did we want to feel love between the two of us but we also wanted to feel that love with each and every guest. This went beyond our expectations and we were overwhelmed by loving messages and words from those who did not even attend the wedding!

From the moment we got engaged until our marriage, we have learnt that the love we share with each other can only get stronger, when we feel a sense of love within each and every relationship. This includes the relationships we have with our family, friends and most importantly the one relationship we have with ourselves.

So it is with love that we start the foundations of our marriage and in order to share some of the love here are a few pictures from our wedding 

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