Hey Everyone,

I’ve decided to start a question and answer forum on my blog.

Many of you ask me lots of questions regarding your yoga and meditation practice and most of these questions are also useful for other students too. Therefore if you have any questions please email them over to me and if you are happy for me to share them I will post them onto my blog.

I feel this will be a great way for us to share and connect with each other. You never know how valuable your questions are for yourself as well as others. So feel free to send me your questions and please do leave comments in the box below.

Our first question  is from Radhika about when to eat after you have been to an evening yoga class!


Hi Jaina,  

Thanks very much for yesterday’s lesson! I had a question I wanted to ask you … My sister and I usually have our dinner after our yoga class with you at 9pm. What time do you recommend we should eat after practicing yoga as I have noticed that eating late is keeping me awake the entire night! I’d love your advice on this!



Hi Radhika,

Thanks for your inquiry.  

Yes I understand your problem and there are a few things you can do to solve the issue. Firstly you can try eating a lighter meal at 5.45pm so that you have two hours to digest the food before the class starts at 7.45pm. If you feel hungry after the class you can have another light meal or snack and then allow two to three hours after eating before you go to sleep. 

Ideally you want to digest your food before you go to sleep. The reason you cannot sleep is because your body is still working to digest your food. Also refrain from drinking cold drinks whilst eating or immediately before or afterwards. A cold drink puts out the natural fire in the belly which helps to digest your food. Try drinking a warm drink or a herbal tea during your meal or even better if you can drink it 20 minutes after eating. 

Yesterday we also practiced the Sun Salutation which can be quite an energising sequence and you may not have fully relaxed in the relaxation at the end of class. If you struggle to sleep try lying completely flat on the ground (not on your bed) and mentally relax each part of your body. Then slowly roll onto one side, pick yourself up and then move into your bed. 

I hope this helps and let me know how you get on. 

Jaina x

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