With Valentine’s Day just gone, I got thinking about how yoga helped me through my journey to find that special someone.

When I was single I felt like I had a void in my life and that void would be filled once I met someone. However after a few relationship experiences that didn’t work out I realised that no one will fill that void, in fact they may actually make that void even greater!

It’s at this point where meditation helped me to understand this void which seemed to be made up of endless feelings and emotions. I learnt to accept feelings such as sadness and grief and most importantly I learnt to release those feelings.

Through the process of releasing I cleared myself up emotionally and supplemented the journey with a physical yoga practice to care for my body.

After some time my perspective on life started to change and I developed a relationship with a wonderful man. When I look deeply at our relationship I realise that relationships start when you develop a relationship with yourself first. This works on many different levels; emotionally, mentally, physically and spiritually.

Even when you have found someone, the work doesn’t stop there. Often if you are feeling unhappy with your partner it’s usually because of a deeper unhappiness within yourself. So once again you must delve into the void of feelings. When you go to that deeper place within yourself you will find that happiness again. Then when you are happy you will start to bring that happiness and joy into your life and your partner’s life too!

For further information about using yoga to help you with relationships you can contact me on 07834 994 902.

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